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Roast and Gravy Magic Slow Cooker

Slow Cooker recipes for the Amazing 
"Roast & Gravy Magic"
A Cajun Seasoning & Gravy Mix

Roast & Gravy Magic Beef Roast Slow Cooker

posted Jan 11, 2018, 11:46 AM by Jimmy Babin   [ updated Apr 23, 2018, 3:30 PM by outdoorkitchenshow ]

NOTE: The products to complete this savory meal are linked to the page where you can buy them. The Coca-Cola and BBQ Wing sauce are optional, but are both very good in this. Each box of Roast & Gravy Magic comes with 2 bags: 1 seasoning bag and 1 gravy thickening bag. Use all of the seasoning, but use the gravy thickener to your taste. Pour the gravy thickener/water mixture in slowly, stirring as you go. It'll get thick, quick! When I put this over rice, I use about half or less of the thickener. When I put this over mashed potatoes, I use it all. Try it for yourself and let me know how it goes!


1 package of Creative Cajun Cooking’s Roast & Gravy Magic

7 cups of water

5-6 pounds Beef Roast (your favorite cut)

1 bottle Creative Cajun Cooking’s Cajun BBQ Wing Sauce

1 can 12 ounces Coke


1--- In the crock pot, mix pack of Creative Cajun Cooking’s Roast & Gravy Magic (seasoning bag) with 6 cups of water.

2--- Place Roast in pot (You can sear it on all sides in a skillet first, but that is optional.) Spoon some of the seasoned water over the top.

3--- Pour Coke around edges and drizzle Creative Cajun Cooking Creative Cajun Cooking’s Cajun BBQ Wing Sauce over the top of the roast.

4--- Turn the slow cooker on low and let cook for 7-8 hours. 

5--- When the roast is cooked through, remove the meat from the slow cooker and set it aside to rest. Turn the slow cooker to high. Empty the Creative Cajun Cooking’s Roast & Gravy Magic gravy thickening bag into a bowl with 2 cups of water, and whisk until smooth. Pour thickening mixture slowly into the liquid in the slow cooker, stirring as you go. You may not need all of the thickener to achieve the gravy thickness you want.

6--- Slice and serve the Beef Roast, spoon the gravy over the top. If you have a side of Mashed Potatoes or Rice, spoon some over that also.

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