Crab & Dumplins

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Crab & Dumplins

Crab & Dumplins (Full version)


1 pack of Creative Cajun Cooking’s Dumplin’ Magic seasoning (save the other pack for a different meal)

5 Cups water

4-5 cups heavy cream or half and half (1 quart will do, add extra if you want)

1-1/4 cup all-purpose flour

1 can of biscuits (about 1 pound)

1 lb crab meat, picked for shell pieces

Optional: Frozen/canned Green Peas and Sliced Carrots, sliced green onions for garnish

Stove Top Directions:

1--- In a 6 quart or larger pot, mix water and Creative Cajun Cooking’s Dumplin’ Magic seasoning

2--- Bring to a slow boil over medium high heat.

3--- While that's heating up, break out a large cutting board and spread out flour, then pile most of it in the corner, leaving a thin coating on the cutting board.

Open the can of biscuits and one at a time roll each one out to about 1/8 inch thickness using a light sprinkle of flour to keep them from sticking.

Cut the flat biscuits into 6-8 pieces pending size of dumplings you want.

Pile the cut biscuits in one corner of cutting board for placing in pot at later time.

4--- Scrape up the extra flour and place in a bowl, then pour the cream into it and whisk until smooth.

5--- Pour in the cream and flour mixture making sure it is stirred frequently by scraping the bottom so it doesn’t stick.

6--- Once the liquid thickens up, and has a slow bubbling, add in the biscuit pieces a few at a time, stirring softly until they swell up.

7--- Once the dumplings are cooked and no longer doughy (Taste them---It’s to the cooks advantage---LOL), gently add in the crab meat.

Then add in, if you would like, a few Green Peas and or Carrots (frozen or canned). Stir and cook just until heated through.

Once the Crab and Dumplings are placed in a bowl, you can sprinkle some finely chopped Green Onion tops for added color.