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La Pavilion Outdoor Event Center


Our outdoor venue is located at 14468 Bayou Terrace Dr. St. Amant, LA. Rental fee is $1,800, or free if I cater the event and it is over $5,000.

--I have tables and chairs available for you to use. They will be on racks on wheels. I will place them at the Pavilion for you to set them up to your liking. I will pick them up when your event is completed.

-- I have white table cloths available for rental @ $5 each or you can use your own.

-- Please avoid glass containers as when they break on the concrete it becomes a hazard to your guest as well.

-- You are allowed to put up your own decorations ahead of your event, but please remove the ones you want to keep at the end of your event.

-- I will have garbage cans around the area and will keep them changed out as needed.

-- The buffet line will be set up at the end of the Cabana where I have clear curtains to roll down in case of bad weather conditions.

-- The pavilion has clear curtains to close during bad weather conditions also.

-- I have fans and heaters in case it is required for the weather conditions.

-- There will be no smoking in the pavilion but outside under Cabana will be allowed where there are receptacles for the disposal.