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Operation111 is an initiative to improve the economy by educating and promoting sound conservation and restoration of our Gulf Coast in the 5 states receiving funds related to the 2010 oil spill. Our goal: to ensure meaningful communication and let Gulf Coast residents know that we are all in this together for One Cause, One Coastline, One Chance. Join us and share your story! #Op111

Jimmy's Wedding Setup

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Good ole Jimmy is, "YES", working on his own wedding... with a little help.
You can see Part 1 of the "Out Door Kitchen Show's"
Jimmy's Wedding here...

Jimmy also has some pictures of their wedding on his Facebook page as well...

Senior Citizen's Day Event

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The Outdoor Kitchen Show

Jimmy Babin talks about the event - he's cooking red beans and frying chicken in cracklin fat. C'est bon!! Wally Tallion talks about the Jambalaya Festival, Huey Jacob talks about cooking cracklins, and David Roshto, owner of Fred's, talks about the Senior Citizen's Day event which drew over 600 seniors who came out for the food and fun (and jitterbuggin!)

Jimmy Babin with cooks red beans, fried chicken, and more for Senior Citizen's Day at Fred's on the River. This event draws over 600 folks who come for the food and fun. Wally Tallion, Jambalaya Festival Association, talks about what his group does for the community. David Roshto is the owner of Fred's on the River and he talks about this great event and the cracklin contest. Huey Jacob talks about his participation with the event.

Gator Pickles

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It has been a phenomena to Creative Cajun Cooking,
"We really like our Gator Pickles, but so does everyone else!"

It is a new Creative Cajun Cooking product that is sweeping the State of Louisiana and making its way other places as well.

Visit our Locations map to see where you can find these delicious pickles and/or you can order them online here...
The Pickles that will slip up on ya!

Creative Cajun Cooking's Online Store

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Creative Cajun Cooking has been 
redesigning the Online Store.  


 It is a much better experience for everyone.   

 We will be adding some NEW products as well that you won't want to miss.  

Creative Cajun Cooking's New Look

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Thank you all for coming and we just want to say "What do you think?"

Contact us and let us know what you think about our new look...

It will be changing from time to time... getting better and better!

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